The Most Convenient Way to Give the Gift of Turkey

Butterball Gift Checks

Butterball Gift Checks are the most convenient, affordable way to reward your employees with the meaningful gift of a holiday turkey. A great alternative to bulk-ordered frozen turkeys, Butterball Gift Checks are budget-friendly and easy to distribute.

No more refrigerated trucks. No more hassle. Just delicious turkey gifts for your employees.

Plus, waive all program fees with promo code NOFEES when you order today. Simply fill out the form below to request a free estimate for any of your 2018 gifting needs.

Call 888-876-GIFT (4438) for more information on our program.

Butterball Gift Checks:
Flexible, convenient alternative to frozen turkey gifts.

Budget-friendly employee appreciation program.


Give a gift that leaves a lasting impression on employees and their families.

Customizable employee appreciation gifts.

Free Customization

Add your company logo or leave a personal message of gratitude for your employees.

Meaningful gifts for employees.


Easy distribution. No refrigerated
truck required. Accepted nationwide.

Customizable employee appreciation gifts.


You choose the denomination
of your gift checks.

Meaningful gifts for employees.

Every Taste & Tradition

Redeemable toward turkey, ham and other food items to fit your employees’ tastes and needs.

Convenient staff gifts.

No Expiration Date

Your employees can redeem the gift check when and where it’s convenient for them.

Request an Estimate

Gift Checks

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As an added benefit, requesting an estimate now guarantees your price for the entire year!

Please call 888-876-GIFT (4438)
for more information on our program.

A great idea. We used to give employees an actual turkey, but this is a far superior method.”

Nancy, Vernon Display Graphics

The perfect holiday gift, without the hassle of buying frozen turkeys in bulk.

Purchase Array Butterball gift checks for your employee appreciation program.

This year, give your employees a gift they will share and enjoy with their families. Redeemable toward ham, turkey and other food items, Butterball Gift Checks meet all tastes, preferences and needs. The vouchers never expire and are accepted at most grocery stores nationwide, so your employees can redeem when they want and where they want.

Call 888-876-GIFT (4438) for more information on our program.

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